MCS approval for 1450

The UK’s only MCS-approved outdoor wood-gasification boiler

E-Classic 1450

The Central Boiler E-Classic 1450, distributed exclusively by Bentley Fire Shop, is the only MCS-approved outdoor wood boiler available in the UK and Ireland. Following the launch of the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, homeowners can now receive quarterly payments for seven years for the amount of clean, green renewable heat produced from an E-Classic 1450 boiler system.

Perfect for a variety of domestic installations or multiple buildings, such as off-gas rural properties, holiday cottages and farm buildings, the E-Classic 1450 features exceptional efficiencies (>91%), a durable design and an impressive output of 44kW. And for ease of use, the boiler is designed to burn a wide variety of seasoned logs up to approximately 750mm.

The outdoor boiler is suitable for both new and existing heating systems, with integration requiring minimal disruption to pipework, allowing property owners to keep the same heat emitters, whether radiators, underfloor heating or fan convectors. In addition, the E-Classic 1450 eliminates the need for a buffer tank and can be installed using a single phase electric supply.

The E-Classic 1450 offers exceptional performance and can provide sustainable heating and hot water all year round, with the boiler specifically designed to withstand the harshest of winter weather.

The E-Classic 1450 outdoor wood gasification boiler is sited outside, typically 10 to 15 metres (although it can be up to 120 metres) away from a property. This simple yet highly effective boiler utilises a unique process of heat generation, forcing hot gases from burning wood into a reaction chamber, where they reach temperatures exceeding 1,000oC.

This process ensures a highly effective combustion, allowing the boiler to produce impressive efficiencies along with extremely low emissions. A water jacket surrounds the reaction chamber and heat exchanger, circulating heated water to the home or building through insulated underground pipes via a plate heat exchanger.

Additional features of the E-Classic 1450 include perimeter LED lighting for improved access in the evenings and insulated rear access panel for easy maintenance.

The E-Classic 1450 is available exclusively through Bentley Fire Shop and its network of UK distributors. Other models in the E-Classic range include the E-Classic 2400 (75kW) and E-Classic 3200 (88kW) units, both of which are eligible for the Non-Domestic RHI.