E-Classic 1450

The E-Classic outdoor wood gasification boiler is suitable for both new and existing heating systems, with integration requiring minimal disruption to pipework, allowing property owners to keep the same heat emitters, whether radiators, underfloor heating or fan convectors.

The E-Classic 1450 has been shortlisted for the Build It Awards 2014: Best Heating Product



Features and benefits:

1. Patented Charge Tube
Crossfire air system adds preheated air in all the right places around the base of the fire.

2. Large Reaction Chamber™
Complete combustion for high efficiency and extremely low emissions.

3. Firebox
The significant size of the Firebox reduces the time spent on wood preparation/processing.

4. Urethane Spray Foam Insulation
100% airtight, waterproof seal around the water jacket which makes your wood pile last longer.

5. High Capacity Water Jacket
Optimum performance and safety

6. Insulated Chimney
Two 4-foot all stainless steel insulated chimney sections as standard.

7. All-Weather Steel Side panels
Overlapped for tighter weather seal.

8. Vent Cap
Eliminates evaporation.

9. Triple Insulated Firebox Door
Easy loading, tight seal and maximum insulation

10. Bypass Door
Redirection of exhaust before opening the firebox door.

11. LED Lights (Photo Electronic Controlled)
LED night lights save money and enhance safety.

12. Xtract™ Heat Exchanger
Optimises heat transfer from the extremely hot gases to the water.

13. FireStar™ II Electronic Controller
Optimises the gasification process by automatically adjusting the primary and secondary air.

14. Access Panel gives
Easy access to the Reaction Chamber door, power disconnect and pumps, all from one location.

15. Cam Loc
Closure mechanism secures the Firebox Door at all four corners and provides a tight seal each time the door is closed.

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