FireStar XP Wi-Fi Module

The NEW FireStar XP Wi-Fi Module allows users to monitor an E-Classic boiler wherever they go, thanks to a dedicated easy to use web interface. By utilising E-link™ technology, users can also
now store and share information from the boiler, as well as record a history of heating patterns in order to optimise its operation.

Features and benefits:

  • View water and reaction chamber temperatures in either oC or oF to maintain an efficient heating system
  • Check when the boiler was last loaded and monitor burn time
  • Plan ahead by keeping an eye on the local temperature
  • View operational data charts and graphs over a given period of time to optimise performance
  • Monitor the operating mode of an E-Classic boiler, e.g. low, idle, medium or high
  • Set up text alerts or emails to your phone as a reminder to refuel the boiler

View a live demo of a Firestar XP installation